51005 Hwy 445 Loranger, La. 70446
51005 Hwy 445 Loranger, La. 70446
TNT Concealed Carry LLC
TNT Concealed Carry LLC

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Participants will learn the basics of handgun safety, nomenclature of a revolver and semi-automatic pistol, appropriate use of deadly force, conflict resolution, and basic marksmanship. 


Upon completion of the 9 hour basic concealed carry course, the participant will:

  1. Learn and list the 17 components of a revolver.
  2. Learn and list the 15 components of a semi-automatic pistol.
  3. List the 7 basic fundamentals of handgun marksmanship.
  4. List the 4 components of a handgun cartridge.
  5. List 8 types of shooting positions with or without cover and concealment.
  6. List proper techniques for safely storing firearms in the vehicle and in the home.
  7. List and identify types of locking devices to prevent child access to firearms.
  8. Demonstrate safe operation of your firearm while safely loading and firing 12 rounds at 6 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet (a total of 36 rounds) with 100% accuracy and reloading at least once.
  9. Identify in what situations deadly force can and cannot be used.
  10. List the LA Revised Statutes concerning deadly force and conflict resolution.
  11. Demonstrate safe disassembly of a revolver and semi-automatic handgun for cleaning.

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