51005 Hwy 445 Loranger, La. 70446
51005 Hwy 445 Loranger, La. 70446
TNT Concealed Carry LLC
TNT Concealed Carry LLC

Basic Concealed Carry Class

The basic concealed carry course is a 9-hour course (8-5:30) of instruction required by the LA Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections  and the LA State Police.  Instructors offering anything short of this is not beneficial to you, the student, and could lead to catastrophic consequences if you ever need to use your concealed weapon.  If using another instructor other than TNT Concealed Carry ensure that you choose a reputable company or instructor that is insured, licensed, and teaching the required materials set forth by the LA Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections and the State Police.


At TNT Concealed Carry we not only cover material to help you obtain your Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit, but we spend a great deal of time teaching (with hands-on training) the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship.  Like any sport, there are fundamentals to learn and practice to be able to shoot accurately. The training drills are easy to remember so that you can continue to develop your pistol shooting skills after completing our course (even if you don't have ready-access to a shooting range.)


In addition to handgun marksmanship training, we include instruction on the use of deadly force, safe gun storage, and gun safety around children in your home and vehicle, basic handgun nomenclature, and we spend a significant amount of time reviewing Louisiana Revised Statutes pertaining to concealed handgun permit holders.  The course is a blend of NRA's First Steps Pistol Program, Louisiana's Concealed Carry Course, and P.O.S.T. Firearms Training materials.


This 9-hour course is a prerequisite to applying for your Concealed Carry Permit with the Louisiana State Police.  After successful completion of the course, TNT will issue a certificate which allows you to apply with the LA Department of Public Safety & Corrections for a CCW. The CCW grants authority to a citizen to carry a concealed handgun on his person in the State of Louisiana AND in 41 other states (see reciprocity map below).




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